Annual Report 2017
Country Reports


Davide Magagna, Matthijs Soede DG JRC & DG RTD

An overview of ongoing H2020 projects is presented in Table 1, focusing on the objective of the newly announced projects and presenting the key achievements of the H2020 projects that have been operative since 2015. Highlights include the deployment of the Penguin WEC at EMEC as part of the CEFOW project, the 1GWh mark achieved by the SR2000 floating tidal energy converter in the FloTEC project. Many projects such as TIPA, TAOIDE, PowerKite and WaveBOOST have focused on innovating the PTO of their converters. In 2018, the devices will be deployed in operational conditions to validate the efforts.


Table 1 Ocean Energy R&D H2020 projects awarded in 2017