Annual Report 2017

Task 9 - International Ocean Energy Technology Roadmap

The ocean energy sector is now at a stage where numerous prototypes have been deployed. Despite this, there is still a need for many devices to prove long-term reliability and commercially viable energy production levels at array-scale. Much still needs to be done to build confidence in the sector. Identification of existing technologies and areas of knowledge, which are transferable to ocean energy through engagement with other industries, may accelerate the ocean energy sector to earlier commercialisation.

Increased collaboration with mature industries will contribute to a successful development pathway and ensure that ocean energy plays a crucial role in the world’s future energy mix.

As a first step, this work included a stakeholder engagement process to explore the current challenges faced by the ocean energy sector. Stakeholders from within the sector were interviewed in order to validate known development barriers and to provide a clearer understanding of the benefits of transfer from mature sectors. The second part of the stakeholder engagement process focused on priority areas of technology for future focus.

The stakeholder engagement process has identified a range of opportunities for a variety of industries and sectors to become involved in ocean energy. Where possible, results have been further divided into specific transferable technologies.


Start date: 2015
End date: 2017

Henry Jeffrey, The University of Edinbourgh, UK

All member countries


OES website

These range from technologies that can be directly utilised in the ocean energy sector to those with potential to be utilised, based on similar working principles, but which require adaptation for ocean energy applications.

These results have been included in the final output of this task, which is the “International Vision for Ocean Energy” brochure released in early 2017. This publication has been also translated into Spanish.

Source: An International Vision for Ocean Energy 2017, OES