Annual Report 2017
Country Reports


Kim Nielsen Rambøll



The lack of Danish national action plans and targets has been discussed in the forum of the Danish Partnership for Wave Power. In 2012, the partnership developed the strategy for development of wave energy in Denmark.

During the fall of 2017, the partnership summarized this strategy in a five-page document and, on November 2017, a small delegation representing the chairman of the partnership for wave power and three wave energy developers presented their wishes in the Danish Parliament, which included five key points:

  1. Long-term support must be secured for existing test sites such as DanWEC, which was established with EUDP Greenlab Grant in 2012.
Delegation including Per Resen (Resen Waves), Kim Nielsen (Chairman of the Partnership), Michael Henriksen (Wave Piston), Anders Køhler (Floating Power Plant) at the Danish Parliament.
  1. “ForskVE” model should be revived on relevant projects, so the funding and support is conditional on demonstrating delivery of an agreed electricity production depending on wave conditions, thus creating a focus on costs, performance and operational safety.
  2. To ensure and increase the rate of public co-financing up to 70% for the cost of building the demonstration plants of the most promising competing wave power concepts.
  3. The introduction of additional tariffs (€ 300/MWh) for wave power (time- and production limited), which can stimulate investors to invest in the most promising concepts, which then can compete on the ability to produce energy and earn money to expand business.
  4. Ocean space planning in Denmark should include wave power plants to ensure that future electrical infrastructure development in the North Sea is able to benefit both wind and wave power, with due consideration of environmental and societal aspects.

There are two national funding programmes under which ocean energy developers can seek funding for R&D and system development; these are EUDP and Innovation Fund Denmark, both invest in new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark.