Annual Report 2017

Task 11 - Ocean thermal Energy Conversion

A group of 8 Member Countries have interest in this Task: China, France, India, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Monaco and Singapore.

The overall work lead by Japan and assisted by India is carried out by two groups addressing the following topics:

  1. Estimation of OTEC potential around the globe (lead by China)
  2. Present status and plans of OTEC projects (Lead by Korea)

A state-of-the art report of OTEC activities and projects around the globe has been prepared as a first step to further define a full work program under this Task. The identification of plans and new developments on OTEC in the various regions of the world would be important for the development of a future roadmap which is one of the goals of Task 11.

A first webinar was held on the 27 July 2017 at Tianjin, China, organised by the Chinese delegate. The objective of the webinar was to clarify the methodology for the OTEC task. 15 delegates and experts participated in the webinar, where the following topics were discussed:

  • Experience in resource assessment of OTEC
  • Identification of the goals, activities and next septs
  • Methods for estimation of OTEC resource potential

Start date: 2016
End date: 2018

Yasuyuki Ikegami, Saga University, Japan

China, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Singapore and The Netherlands



During 2017, a map with information about OTEC power plants was prepared with information about ongoing projects: