Annual Report 2017
Country Reports


Jos Reijnders RVO - Netherlands Enterprise Agency


Main activities in the test sites during 2017:

  • Re-development of the Texel offshore open water test site in Marsdiep
  • Permitting and financing for the future Grevelingen Tidal Technology Centre
  • Development of the test site for Slow Mill off the coast of Texel
  • Development for a pilot Blue Energy plant in Katwijk (RED-Stack)


  • List of operational projects during 2017:
  • Tocardo Den Oever; tidal current, free flow
  • BlueWater Delft; tidal energy, free flow
  • REDstack Sneek; salinity gradient energy
  • Bluerise Delft; OTEC
  • Arteq Power Rotterdam; OTEC
  • Tocardo VAWT; tidal current, Vertical Axis Wave Rotor Technology
  • Tocardo 1,2 MW tidal plant in Eastern Scheldt Storm surge barrier
  • Tocardo 300 kWp tidal array in Afsluitdijk in the Stevin Sluizen
  • RED-Stack pilot for Reverse Electro-Dialysis on Afsluitdijk

Led by Tocardo, the project brings together Orkney based companies EMEC and Leask Marine, and French research institute IFREMER. Tocardo has already been working with international shipyard DAMEN, as well as Leask Marine, Bryan J Rendall Electrical and Aquatera in Orkney for the system deployment. The floating tidal device was successfully moored and connected via subsea cables to the substation at EMEC’s Fall of Warness grid-connected tidal test site in Orkney in May 2017. Tocardo’s EMEC installation is part of the InToTidal project, supported by European Commission’s funding program Horizon 2020 with €2 million. The platform was first deployed off Texel island in the Netherlands in 2015. It was originally equipped with Tocardo’s T1 turbine that had the capacity of 100 kW, which was later replaced by T2 turbine, doubling its capacity.