Annual Report 2017
Country Reports


Rodolfo Silva-Casarín, Juan Carlos Alcérreca Huerta AND Elizabeth Rodríguez Aguirre Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Workshops organized by CEMIE-Oceano:

Workshop on the environmental impact of electric energy generating devices in the sea
Mexico City (CEMIE-Oceano), 25-26 May 2017
Course-Workshop on Ocean Thermal Gradient Energy
Mexico City (CEMIE-Oceano), 30 August to 1 September 2017
DEMEX – Mexico International Renewable Energy Conference, MEXIREC 2017
Mexico City (Ministry of Energy), 11-13 September 2017
Course-workshop on salt energy gradients
Yucatán, Mexico (CEMIE-Oceano), 2-3 November 2017
Bilateral meeting University of Edinburgh - CEMIE-Oceano
Mexico City (CEMIE-Oceano), 21 November 2017

Conferences organized by CEMIE-Oceano:

Marine current energy (30 March 2017)
Stephanie E. Ordoñez Sánchez, University of Strathclyde, UK
Use of salt gradient energy in river mouths (22 May 2017)
Oscar Álvarez Silva, Universidad del Norte, Colombia
Challenges for marine renewable energy implementation (24 May 2017)
Teresa Simas, WavEC, Portugal
Challenges for ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) in Japan (30 August 2017)
Yasuyuki Ikegami, Saga University, Japan
Technical readiness of OTEC to achieve sustainable development goals (31 August 2017)
Hyeon-Ju Kim, Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO)
Marine Renewable Energy (1 September 2017)
Luis A. Vega, University of Hawaii, USA


Workshop on OTEC, 1 September 2017